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Post Construction Cleanup

Post Construction Clean Up

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Once a renovation or construction project has been started, it can’t be completed until that final cleanup is complete. Cleaning away all the loose debris, sawdust, lumber, sheet rock, and other building materials is exhausting and time consuming.


So don’t skip over this vital phase of your project, and bring in the professionals at The Junk Boys to handle the job for you. We’re the best construction cleanup crew in Central Florida!

Full-Service Construction Cleaning


We’ve been handling removal jobs for years now, meaning we have the callouses and mentality for the job. We know how to work hard and swiftly to bring only the best of post-construction cleaning services to our valued customers. We offer all kinds of construction cleanout services. Local contractors and property owners alike love working with us because they don’t have to do a single thing, other than call. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. 


The Junk Boys already has all the construction clean up services you could ever need, right when you need them most. Setting up an appointment has never been easier! Call to arrange an appointment for a later date or use us for on the spot jobs! We love helping a customer out of a tight space, and will come out same-day to get the job done!


Here at The Junk Boys, we’re happy to provide all sorts of post-construction cleanup services, including:

  • Lumber removal

  • Asbestos removal (if bagged)

  • Drywall removal

  • Window removal

  • Door removal

  • Carpet removal

  • Tile removal

  • Brick removal

  • Debris removal

  • Shingle removal

  • Piping removal

  • And more!

Budget-Friendly Construction Cleanup Costs

As a locally owned and operated company, The Junk Boys understand that you need to keep construction cleanup costs as low as possible. That’s our reason for delivering the affordable rates we have. Us local companies have to work together. 


When your budget is tight after an expensive remodel, home addition, or storefront renovation, you might not have a fortune left over for a simple clean up job.


You can always trust The Junk Boys to deliver incredible service at a low rate. We blow the other companies out of the water with our personality, commitment to excellent quality service, and hard work throughout Orlando City, Florida, and beyond. All that service and value for such an inexpensive rate? It could only be The Junk Boys.

Whether your house has piles of wood scraps left from a recent addition or your worksite needs construction clean up assistance, we’ll do a great job at a price that’s more than fair. Ensure a favorable outcome with our post-construction cleaning services: Call The JunkBoys for your free estimate today!


If your home has piles of wood and drywall left from recent home improvement, or your worksite needs a polish up before the owners swing by, we’ll do an excellent job for a price that’s just a fraction of our competitors.


Be sure that the job is taken care of by the professionals: Call The Junk Boys today for a free estimate!

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