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Furniture Removal


It is not easy figuring out how to dispose of old furniture. A couch, sofa, mattress, or dining table can become a source of stress once it is broken, old, and taking up space. It’s difficult enough to remove furniture from your house, and that’s before it’s even off the property.


The weekly trash pickup definitely won’t take it, and pickup trucks with trailers are hard to come by. This is where Junk Boys comes in handy for residents of Orlando City, Florida, and surrounding areas. 


Furniture Removal


We offer fast, affordable furniture removal services for local residents and business owners alike. We are licensed, insured, and well equipped to handle the job. That’s why we’re the junk haulers you can call on that won’t break your bank. The Junk Boys ensure a swift removal experience and are usually available for same-day pickup for a customer on a time restraint. So why wait? The Junk Boys is your one-stop shop for couch removal, mattress removal, office furniture removal, or any other type of junk furniture removal you may need. Book your pickup today!


Your Go-To Furniture Removal Company in Central Florida.

The Junk Boys have the skill and muscle to remove furniture of all shapes and sizes. You can rely on us for:

  • Couch removal

  • Sofa removal

  • Love seat removal

  • Recliner removal

  • Table removal

  • Desk removal

  • Chair removal

  • Dresser removal

  • Chest removal

  • Bed frame removal

  • Headboard removal

  • Mattress removal

  • Office furniture removal

  • And more!

The Junk Boys are experts in unwanted furniture removal. For years we’ve been moving furniture up flights of stairs, through narrow passageways, and out the tightest doorways. That’s how we can efficiently come in and do the heavy lifting for you. Trust the Junk Boys to knock out furniture disposal with no extra stress on your back. 


Cost-Effective and Speedy Furniture Disposal


The Junk Boys furniture removal can be described in two terms: fast service and low prices. It’s hard to remove furniture by yourself, even just to find motivation and energy. We’re happy to get it done, and we can usually get it done same-day!

An office or personal budget can also be challenging to work around. That is why the Junk Boys offer very competitive pricing for the disposal of furniture and offer free and individual quotes. When a furniture removal company is needed, know that you can count on The Junk Boys to provide you with excellent service in the Central Florida area.


Where Does it Go?


The Junk Boys has a particular procedure for junk furniture. After an old furniture disposal job is completed, we will assess whether or not any of the furniture items are viable to be donated. Donate-ables are dropped off at the donation center, and then the second round begins. We separate all that we can. Wood, cloth, stuffing, and metal are all separated and dealt with accordingly. This way, we can be the most efficient in the eyes of the transfer station, the customer, the local government, and, most importantly, our own. We sleep well, knowing that we did not take the easy route, and stay true to our morals and values every day. 

Contact us for more information about our commercial, office, or home furniture removal and to receive your free estimate!​

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