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Apartment Services


Apartment and Condo Bulky Item

Pickup Program


Multi-unit properties and apartment complexes often experience overflow waste issues not addressed by municipal trash collection services.


Apartment living comes with positives as well as negatives. Many people living in close proximity tend to generate an excess of waste items. These items may be couches, appliances, household items, and even bags of garbage that are abandoned around overflowing dumpsters.

Whether you’re a manager or a tenant in such a community, The JunkBoys has a service to fit your needs for overflow and bulky item collection.


A retainer-style arrangement between The JunkBoys and property management allows us to offer competitive discounted prices so that your complex avoids the hefty price tag charged by junk-removal companies for one-off bulky pickups. 

Our attractive pricing, combined with our flexible scheduling, provides a dependable, financially sensitive solution to bulky junk buildup on your property. Keeping the junk and waste problems at bay will improve the overall look and feel of your property, making it more attractive to new renters.

Dumpster Pad Clean-up Service 



Our Bulky Item Pickup Program includes coming as needed to clean up small trash that doesn’t quite make it into the dumpsters. Dumpster pickup companies only take what is inside dumpsters, which means that after a while, garbage accumulates outside of the designated area. 


No one wants to handle that much garbage, especially when it’s been left out in the elements… no one except The JunkBoys, that is. 


No matter how nasty the escaped trash is, we’ll happily make that dumpster pad shine again. 



Whole Unit Cleanouts



The JunkBoys are also fully equipped to clean out entire apartments or condos. 


We are a full-service junk removal company, meaning that with just one phone call to us, you can get a whole apartment unit cleaned out. We know that moving can involve a tight schedule where the job must be done by a specific date. We can come on little notice, and if needed, can come after hours. 


This kind of junk removal can be done on an a la carte basis. One-off contracted jobs may be as big as a whole-house cleanout or as small as single couch pickup. The JunkBoys are here to help you get rid of unwanted items. 


The JunkBoys is a locally-owned full-service junk removal company. We have been in business since 2019 and have worked with several property managers and real estate agents to create a consistently clean environment on their properties. 

We would be happy to work with your company to keep your properties serviced. 

Flexible and Customizable Pickups



The JunkBoys’ overflow and bulky item pickup service is flexible and can be tailored by customer and location. Some complexes may experience an overload of abandoned junk items in one month and only a few items the following month. 

We come out bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or even on-demand.

The JunkBoys can help set up a system for tenants to discard bulky items in a designated area instead of into the community dumpster. We will come by as needed or on a set schedule to collect and dispose of the junk. 

This allows dumpsters to function more efficiently, hold more trash, and be less likely to overfill. 



Dependable Service and Affordable Pricing


If you are interested and would like to begin setting up a commercial account, or wish for more information, consider clicking the link to the right and filling out a contact form. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible!

Setup a Commercial Account With Us!

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